MACC Ensures Security for Whistle-Blowers

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission ensures the security of all whistle-blowers and advised more to come forward and report events of graft including civil servants.

Its deputy chief commissioner (avoidance) Datuk Shamsun Baharin Mohd Jamil stated the absence of awareness on the defense ensured is amongst factors less than 0.1% of 1.6 million civil servants reported graft cases.

He stated despite the ringgit-to-ringgit reward used to civil servants for reporting on corruption cases amongst them, just 214 people had reported such cases in between 2011 to 2016, with the rewards amounting to RM384,000.

” It is indisputable that corruption amongst civil servants is at a crucial level but it is frustrating that since 2011, just 214 civil servants were brave enough to lodge reports on corrupt practices in their middle although the minimum reward is RM500.

” This reward does not have actually a repaired optimum value as it depends upon the quantity of kickback. If the quantity of allurement provided is RM1 million, the federal government will pay the whistleblower RM1 million,” he stated when satisfied by press reporters at the Corruption-Free Pledge Taking event of the Kedah Islamic Religious Department (JAIK), here, today.

He worried that witnesses or informants of corruption cases are secured by all police under the Witness Protection Act 2009 (Act 696) and the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 (Act 711).

Present were Kedah MACC director Mohd Fauzi Mohammad, JAIK director Datuk Abdul Rahman Ismail and 330 JAIK officers and its Islamic affairs assistants.

The ringgit-to-ringgit reward was presented by the federal government in 2011 to suppress corruption amongst civil servants.

Nevertheless, Shamsun confessed that both the Witness Protection Act 2009 and Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 had its imperfections leading to numerous public servants not stepping forward to report to the MACC, on corruption occurrences.

” What is taking place now is that a whistleblower can lodge a report with just one police. For instance, the Whistleblower Protection Act is immediately not suitable if the whistleblower makes cops report after reporting the case to the MACC.

” Because of this, whistleblowers were” t feel safe, therefore we want both acts to be appropriate for all the appropriate enforcement firms,” he stated.

At the event, Abd Rahman led the department’s 330 staff to promise their assistance in declining corruption.